LUX & ECO™ satisfies the needs of those who love a clean, modern, and elegant aesthetic to the products they buy, but who also want to participate in the preservation of our planet's precious resources. We provide green lifestyle enthusiasts with an exclusive venue, offering ready access to the highest quality goods and services. We provide a steady access to a luxury eco-conscious lifestyle. By consolidating an unprecedented number of environmentally responsible brands onto one e-commerce site, you'll save significant time and energy spent shopping to satisfy your every desire to remain true to your ethical standards. To complement LUX & ECO's efforts to generate profitable business growth in luxury green living, we are partnering up with incredible charities in our very own Shop to Give section!

Jacquelyn Willard

Entrepreneur, Artist and CMO of LUX & ECO

Andrew Cotton

Jacquelyn Willard, Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn Willard is a singer and a serial entrepreneur. She was inspired to create LUX & ECO, which strives to offer its customers a unique opportunity to experience the finest quality, eco-friendly products and to give back to the world by sponsoring charities participating in LUX & ECO’s donation program. Equally passionate about animal rights, Jacquelyn ensures that all products presented at LUX & ECO are cruelty-free. As CMO of LUX & ECO, Jacquelyn is responsible for brand management, partner selection and marketing, and sponsorship of charities participating in the donation programs.

Andrew Cotton is the founder of Seaborn Capital, a Rhode Island based proprietary investment company that focuses on innovative and progressive companies. Andrew's background in structured finance, investments, strategy, and entrepreneurship was key in laying down the foundation of LUX & ECO. Andrew is one of the visionaries behind the LUX & ECO concept and was instrumental bringing it into execution. Andrew is passionate about building a sustainable and ethically investing portfolio and lending his expertise in finance/entrepreneurship to up and coming sustainable luxury brands.

Beauty and Wellness Coach

Lisa Sheremet

Buyer and Beauty & Wellness Blogger

Lisa Sheremet is a beauty and wellness coach, an avid holistic wellness enthusiast and the buyer for LUX & ECO and LUX & ECO Gourmet. Lisa has been working in the organic food and beauty space for over 3 years, meeting with hundreds of brands on behalf of LUX & ECO and continues to strive to ensure we keep the highest standards of excellence for vetting our products.